January 09, 2011

Musings on a Tragedy

I'm pretty sure I don't have to provide a link explaining what happened in Arizona yesterday, so let me just offer a few thoughts.

First of all, everything that is known about the shooter adds support to my view that schizophrenia is one of the most terrifying aspects of the human experience. Just imagine not only being insane, but being driven by that same insanity to believe that you're the only person who knows the truth, and everyone else is plotting to destroy you personally. And then witness the results of acting on those delusions. Fucking horrible.

Second, the reaction of some of the more shrill members of the left to this incident (if you don't know what I'm talking about, just go to NewsBusters and read the posts from the last 36 hours or so) reminded me of something I've been meaning to mention. I'm going to put it on a separate line because I think it's just that important:

The surest sign that the Tea Party isn't violent is the fact that every new act of violence is blamed on it and/or Sarah Palin/Glenn Beck.

Think about it. The sick fucks on the left seem to believe that every act of violence or domestic terrorism can be attributed to the Tea Party, but when they do this, they always act like it's the culmination of all prior "eliminationist rhetoric." In other words, every incident is supposedly the first one that involved violence, with surely more to come, but the only reason the Tea Party is even associated with violence is because every violent act is attributed to it before these accusations are inevitably disproven. You'd really think that if there was any truth to this shit, there would be an actual history of incidents to refer back to.

Finally, I think the aforementioned reactions have fundamentally changed the way that I view the most outspoken leftists in this country. I mean, I've been giving these fucking ghouls the benefit of the doubt for years. I've written dozens of posts about how they're really just immature and suffering from projection when they attribute all kinds of evil shit to their political opponents. I really, honestly thought they were just not getting it, but this?

Fuck it.

There is no way that anyone capable of getting dressed without assistance can honestly conclude that a paranoid schizophrenic committed multiple murders because Sarah Palin posted a map on the Internet with some crosshairs on it. These motherfuckers have known all along that they were full of shit, and they went along with it anyway because they're so convinced of their own righteousness that they don't see any downsides whatsoever to lying in order to advance their agenda.

Therefore, I'm done giving them the benefit of the doubt. I'm done saying that they're just na´ve and trying to explain why their ideas never work when applied in the real world. These bastards have always been lying. They wouldn't be able to say shit like this with a straight face if they hadn't already had years of practice.

Now, I'm sure that there are plenty of everyday leftists who still believe that they're good people who care more than those evil racist Republicans/conservatives, but those like Kos, Olbermann, Krugman, et al. who have been saying shit like this in the public sphere have just revealed that they never believed a goddamn word of it. And thanks to them, I will now assume that anyone who agrees with them is also aware of this fact.

Just thought I'd clear that up in case the tone around here changes in the near future.

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