November 11, 2008

Reality Check

You know, I've heard people on both sides of the abortion debate claim that "nobody is pro-abortion." This is a nice sentiment, but I'm afraid that it's a load of na´ve bullshit.

First of all, there's the good old "I chose and I'm proud!" crowd, but I suppose that you could still see that as simply a celebration of the choice, rather than of abortion itself.

However, other pro-abortion feelings are more overt. In the process of doing some quick research to try and figure out why the hell Sarah Palin caused such an irrational amount of hatred from liberals this election season, I came across this (all emphasis mine):

Governor Palin has a Down's syndrome kid.

I know, I know, that doesn't seem like a reason for me to hate her. After all, I grew up with a handicapped sister, taught special ed kids, and am generally highly in favor of rights for disabled people.

But the thing is, Palin doesn't just have a Down's kid. She chose to have one. Early screening meant that she was warned that her baby had Down's syndrome but due to her stance on abortion, she decided to go ahead and have the child anyway.

STUPID. Stupid, stupid, stupid and selfish. So you're pro-life and refuse to abort this kid on principle? Congratulations, you've doomed him to a lifetime of suffering. A short lifetime, mind you, because most Down's kids have shorter lifespans and are highly susceptible to anything going around, but it's still pretty much a given that they're going to suffer for as long as they live. They won't be able to keep up with the other kids, they'll be developmentally stunted both physically and mentally and it's all your fault for having brought said kid into the world, knowing what he'd have to face.


...Even putting aside the anti-abortion, anti-contraception (wtf, has she never heard of AIDS?) issues, I have no respect for anyone who would deliberately bring a child into the world, knowing that child's life will be filled with nothing but suffering. No respect AT ALL.

I challenge anyone to convince me that this is a pro-choice view rather than a pro-abortion view. How can you honestly call yourself pro-choice if you only respect one of the available choices?

On another note, the above thought process makes me think of a certain word, but I can't quite remember what...hmmmm...I think it sounds kind of like "Eugene..."

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