December 28, 2003

Back to Work

Blogging has been very light for the past couple weeks, but I want to start posting on a regular basis again. After all, I did make a list of things I wanted to have here before the end of vacation, and I intend to stick with that.

The first thing I'm going to do is post the complete Donktionary®, but I have to go through all the entries and pick out a few submissions from other blogs before I can put it together, so it's not quite ready yet.

After that, I want to write an essay of sorts about religion and society. It's probably going to closely resemble what you would find in David Limbaugh's "Persecution," but I haven't read that (yet), so all thoughts contained within will be mine.

There are a few other things on the agenda after that, but I still have to figure out how to put my thoughts together and get intelligent writing out of them. However, I found something on another blog that I think everyone should read while they're waiting (/pretending people are anxious to see what I'll post next).

Guardian WatchBlog doesn't seem to get a lot of attention, but I really enjoy some of the content there. The newest post is particularly good, because it talks about Coward Howard Dean's recent "religious" comments.

I don't know why I totally ignored that issue, being the "Bible-thumping fundie" that I am, but this guy basically says what needs to be said about the issue. Click the above link and read "Howard Dean: Suddenly Spiritual." It's a great analysis of Dean's raging elitism and patronizing view of the American public.

Posted by CD on December 28, 2003 04:20 PM
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