December 31, 2003

Howard Dean is Still an Idiot

NOTE: If you came here from Google, Yahoo, or a similar site by searching for something like "Howard Dean is an idiot" or similar phrases, I encourage you to look around for a while. This blog has a lot of anti-Dean material, and it's the #1 search result for "Howard Dean is a douchebag." Check it out. Thanks.

Why won't this guy just go away? Every time he makes a speech, he seems to have more and more in common with the loons at Democratic Underground. Let's look at a few examples from this article entitled "Dean Labels Bush 'Reckless.'"

From Iraq to homeland security to public health, President Bush's "reckless" habit of placing "ideology over facts" has resulted in "the most dangerous administration in my lifetime," Democrat Howard Dean charged over the past two days.

"Ideology over facts?" Kettle, pot. Pot, kettle. Have you two met before?

As for this whole "dangerous" thing, this is exactly what I've been talking about. It's not enough to call Dubya a bad president. He's apparently a threat to the nation.

Like most other articles, this gets better. Check this out:

...the former Vermont governor said developments both abroad and at home give credence to his assertion two weeks ago that the United States is "no safer" with the capture of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. "If we are safer, how come we lost 10 more troops and raised the safety alert" to the orange level, Dean said...

Yeah, and how come supposed terror attacks in France, Saudi Arabia, and Las Vegas have been investigated and possibly prevented? How come Saddam Hussein is telling us where guerilla leaders are? Yeah, I sure don't feel any safer knowing that we took action and are actually making progress. I'd much rather debate with the UN for a decade or so. That's the Dean way!

"All the other Democrats pounced on me and beat me up and said how ignorant I was about foreign affairs," he said. "I think most people in America agree with me today and it's only two weeks later."

If most people in America agreed with you, you'd be ahead in the polls, now wouldn't you? Maybe most of what you consider America agrees with you, but I think you need to open your eyes and realize that you represent the so-called "angry liberal," not the average American.

Far from backing off his earlier comment about Hussein, Dean has broadened the critique, adding mad cow disease, the national deficit, HIV-AIDS and homeland security to the list of safety failures during Bush's tenure.

Mad cow disease? MAD?! COW?! DISEASE?! THERE WAS ONE F***ING COW, YOU MORON! Oh, and by the way, it came from CANADA!!!! Is he really this ignorant?

"National security and economic security are the touchstones of the election," he said in the interview after a rally Monday in Green Bay, Wis. "I think the president has been fairly reckless in just about every area I can think of."

Yeah, that's why we're safer than we were before and the economy is better. Doesn't all that cognitive dissonance give him a headache? Maybe that's why he's always so angry.

"We've made progress" on strengthening defenses at home, he said. "The problem is, on the things that are enormously important to us we have apparently made no progress. That is the ultimate nightmare of the so-called dirty bomb or a terrorist nuclear attack on the United States."

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! "We've made progress?" Didn't he just say that we're no safer than we were before? And then right after that, he suddenly goes right back to saying that we're threatened more. WILL YOU MAKE UP YOUR MIND?!

As president, Dean said he would initiate bilateral negotiations with North Korea, purchase the entire uranium stockpile held by the former Soviet Union and shift more money into security programs such as cargo ship inspections. "Why aren't these things being done now?" he said. "Why have we dillydallied for 15 months?

Is this guy living in the friggin' Matrix? Does he think he can just magically do anything he wants? I'll cover each point separately.

#1: We're in the process of negotiating with NK already, but remember that Kim Jong Il is CRAZY. We have to be careful, because he might just decide to try out one of his little toys.

#2: He wants to buy the uranium stockpiles from the former Soviet Union? I didn't realize they were a threat. Wouldn't that just be a total waste of money?

#3: Cargo ship inspections? He wants to inspect ships. Most terror attacks are coming from landlocked countries, and he wants to inspect ships? Have you heard of this magical device called an airplane? It flies through the sky and generally explodes much more spectacularly than a ship. Terrorists seem to like them...planes and buses seem to be more viable targets than ships.

Dean, leading in many polls in early nominating states such as New Hampshire and Iowa, is also on the verge of setting a Democratic fundraising record of $40 million.

Party of the people, yessiree.

Dean received glowing praise Monday from Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle and the endorsement of Rep. John Conyers Jr. (Mich.), the dean of the Congressional Black Caucus. "I am proud to state and stand with the man that's ahead of everybody else, that is raising money from the little guys to the shock of everybody who thought it should always be the big fat cats," Conyers said at a Detroit rally Monday afternoon.

Do you really think he's going to stop there if he gets the nomination? I've got 2 words for you, Conyers: George. Soros.

On domestic policy, Dean said the current $500 billion deficit and losses of nearly 3 million jobs have created widespread economic insecurity. If elected, he promised to raise the national minimum wage to $7 per hour, up from $5.15. "Our philosophy is give the working people a little more money and they might be able to go down and spend something on Main Street," he told the audience of labor and African American activists here in Detroit.

Okay, I'm not real good with economics, but I know that if you give the working people a little more, their employers will have less. That means that they'll have to lay off certain people in order to pay the others. Great way to end unemployment, idiot. Guess the proletariat has to rise up against capitalist oppression, right?

A physician, Dean also accused the administration of stubbornly ignoring warnings about mad cow disease and blindly promoting an abstinence-only sex education program that "is not a good solution at all for teens who have decided to have sex."

Dean, you frickin' douchebag, that's exactly the point. We want abstinence education because less teens would have sex. That means less STD's, less pregnancy, less abortion...I'm glad to know that a so-called doctor doesn't care about teen health issues.

It may not be fair to blame the president for the recent mad cow case, Dean told Iowa audiences, but Bush is responsible for failing to enact broader cattle testing requirements, he said. "Ordinary farmers in Iowa can't sell their calves right now because the president of the United States did not take the precautions that we could have easily predicted," he said.

Dang it, Dean, you are an idiot. THE. COW. CAME. FROM. CANADA. It was already sick when it got here. It should be Canada's job to inspect their cows. By the way, notice the key words THE and COW. THERE WAS ONE INFECTED COW, and it poses little to no actual danger.

Also, why is it the president's fault that farmers in IOWA can't sell their cattle because ONE cow that poses LITTLE danger came here from CANADA? Read this article. It's very informative.

By choosing "ideology over facts," he added, the Republican administration is "not only a failure, but the most dangerous administration in my lifetime."

It seems to me that Dean is the one choosing "ideology over facts." You see, he seems to think that we're less safe, less financially secure, and less free than we've ever been. If he'd look at the facts instead of standing behind a podium shouting at a captive audience, he might be aware of that.

I told my dad about Dean blaming Bush for mad cow and wanting to raise the minimum wage. His response was, "They're all idiots." It's good to know someone agrees with me.

Also, he made an interesting point about the minimum wage idea. He pointed out that Democrats want to turn the minimum wage into a living wage, when in reality, it's called minimum wage for a reason. Good point.

Posted by CD on December 31, 2003 04:52 PM
Semi-Intelligent Comments

Yep, Dean is definitely a douchebag! But, in addition to all of your points on reasons not to vote for him, just remember... Howard Dean made LEGAL, same sex marriages in the backward state of Vermont. Can't say I'm a gay basher, but I don't agree with that lifestyle...actually it makes me ill.

Posted by: PRONOZ at January 22, 2004 07:47 AM

I can't believe that you actually wasted your time to make this webpage. The fact that is the top search of "Dean is a douche bag" should speak volumes to the type of people reading your small minded drivel.

Posted by: Ben Green at January 23, 2004 09:12 AM

Oh man, it's a good thing you came along, Ben! I thought I was actually making a difference! Thanks to your brilliant comment, I've decided to stop blogging and join the Democratic Party! You're a lifesaver!

...F**kin' moron. Get your own blog.

Posted by: CD at January 23, 2004 01:59 PM

Howard Dean is scary. This guy is a bomb waiting to explode. I cannot imagine any intelligent human being casting a vote for this moron. The democratic party has got to come up with something better than this guy! Come least give the people a reasonable choice. Thanks for the blog!

Posted by: Don Johnston at January 23, 2004 09:06 PM


Posted by: Jennifer at February 12, 2004 04:51 PM
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