January 30, 2004

Friday Roundup

Okay, I am now way behind on blogging. To begin, I'll give you a timeline of my day to explain why.

1:30- Got out of bed and went to lunch.
2:00- Read a few other blogs.
2:45- Went to my one Friday class.
4:00- Returned to find my roommate watching Family Guy DVD. Watched that for a while.
4:30- Roommate turned off the TV and left, so I went to the computer ready to post. However, I discovered that my ResNet connection had failed for some reason. Spent the next hour bored out of my mind.
5:30- Ate dinner.
6:00- Came back and discovered that my Internet connection was back on, but my roommate was talking on the phone and watching Conan O'Brien, making it impossible for me to concentrate on writing.
6:45- Roommate turned off the TV and left again. I logged on and began looking for news to write about.
6:55- Started writing this post, but accidentally unplugged the computer with my foot. Was forced to wait a few minutes to reboot, then write the post all over again.
7:00- Typed this sentence.

So, that's why I haven't posted yet today. I have a lot of things planned, fortunately. While I work on those, here's something I've been wanting to write about all day:

This story is idiotic. Check it out:

For Jerry Gonzalez, the term "illegal immigrant" packs as much vitriol as some racial slurs.

Many Latinos, he said, find it offensive.

"It's easy to dismiss someone when you use a disparaging term such as 'illegal immigrant' or 'illegal alien,'" surmised Gonzalez, who oversees the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials, an Atlanta-based political action committee.

"I can't speak for other immigrant groups," he said, "but on behalf of the Latino community, many people I speak to on a day-to-day basis think it serves to dehumanize the person, makes them less than human. Similar to the way the n-word was used to dehumanize African-Americans."


This is political correctness gone bat-sh*t insane (if it wasn't that way already). How dumb do you have to be when you think that calling someone an illegal alien/immigrant is racist? Are they saying that only Latinos come here illegally? Friggin' morons...oh no! Does calling this guy a moron make me a racist too?

Just to make sure I'm not an evil, anti-Latino racist, let's analyze the so-called slur they're concerned about:

Illegal= Something that is against the law.
Immigrant= Someone who leaves their native country and takes up residence in another country.
Alien= Not native to a given area.

What exactly is racist about that statement? Luckily, one person they talked to seems to get it:

"I don't think so at all," said Victor Davis Hanson, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and author of "Mexifornia: A State of Becoming." "It doesn't describe a person in a negative, pejorative way. It means they don't have U.S. citizenship and that they didn't come to the United States in a lawful manner."

EXACTLY. Is anyone else depressed by the fact that some people need to have an authority explain the term "illegal alien?" First, the African-American thing, and now this. I think I'll start wearing a button on my shirt that says "Ask me how I lost my faith in humanity," and then when people ask, I'll show them articles like this.

I hope I'm not biased against the human race for saying that!

Believe it or not, this gets even better.

But Mexicans who make illegal border crossings for job-rich cities like Atlanta "have no choice" but to break the law, said Victoria Chacon, founder and president of the South East Hispanic Media Association.

Wow. Just...wow. So, with a single statement, this person has simultaneously destroyed the concepts of free will, personal responsibility, citizenship, and COMMON F**KING SENSE!!!!!

I don't understand how anyone can say that illegal aliens have no choice but to break the law. Did someone force them to come here illegally? Did Mexico start kicking people out? Someone enlighten me.

In La Vision de Georgia, the Spanish language newspaper she publishes Monday through Friday, Chacon has adopted "undocumented workers" as the term of choice.

What about the ones that don't have jobs? Are they "undocumented slackers?"

"I don't think it's illegal to come here, work hard, and live in peace," she said. "They come for their family, risk their lives to find a better lifestyle."

I had to read that sentence a couple times to make sure it actually said what I thought it did. Unfortunately, after a few readings, it still said "I don't think it's illegal to come here, work hard, and live in peace."

Let me explain something to you, idiot. It doesn't matter how you live your life when you're here illegally. You could be a janitor, a taxi driver, a teacher, an engineer, a CEO...it doesn't matter. If you're not an American citizen, and you don't have legal permission to be here, YOU'RE STILL BREAKING THE LAW.

By using the phrase "I don't think it's illegal," you have implied that either you only follow laws you agree with, or you don't know how the American legal system works. You may think that the law is wrong, of course, and still keep your sanity. After all, people disagree with a lot of laws. However, if the words "I don't think it's illegal" come out of your mouth, you lose all credibility.

This is yet another example of how dangerous political correctness is becoming. Again, you can compare this to the incident where a white student from South Africa was suspended for correctly calling himself an African-American.

In PC Land, the truth isn't as important as protecting everyone's precious feeeeeeeeeeeeeelings. Allow me to join in the rousing chorus of "Orwell was right." Truthfully stating that "undocumented workers" are illegal aliens is doubleplus ungood. Or something. I haven't read 1984 since I was 15.

I was going to put another topic here, but I'll save that for another time. I seem to have gotten caught up in this one story.

Posted by CD on January 30, 2004 07:45 PM
Semi-Intelligent Comments

I just wanted to say that I love your blog. You're the type I voice I wish I had had when I was in school. It has taken me a couple years of being out (I'm 26) to develop my mind in the way you already have. I applaud you and look forward to reading more from you.

Posted by: Sarah at February 1, 2004 08:14 AM

Thanks! I really appreciate that! I'll be sure to read your blog as well. I like what I've seen so far.

Posted by: CD at February 1, 2004 01:57 PM

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