March 04, 2004

College Anecdotes

All right, I'm still preparing to fisk Maureen Dowd, but I want to share a couple experiences I had today.

First of all, someone built an igloo on the SU quad a few weeks ago, but this week's warm weather reduced it to a patch of snow in an otherwise grassy area (you can kind of see it on this webcam, if you look between the second and third sidewalks from the right).

I was walking by there around 2:15 today, and I noticed that the former igloo had a bunch of cardboard "tombstones" sticking out of it. One of them had "No war with Iraq" written on it. I didn't catch the other ones. I guess it was some sort of really late protest, even though there didn't seem to be any people around.

Now, here's the great part: I went through the quad again around 5:15, and the cardboard thingies were all gone. I'm not sure what to make of that.

Here's another good story: I was sitting in my TRF class today, and a couple guys behind me were talking about political correctness. One of them said something like, "If you're an American, white, upper or middle class Christian male, pretty much all you're allowed to do is self-deprecate." The others agreed with him.

Keep in mind that TRF=Television, radio, and film. These are future members of the media, and they realize how dumb political correctness can be. I hope this is a sign of change in my generation.

Speaking of TRF, I'll finish with something I should've mentioned a while ago. My professor, an experienced documentarian, told us once that it's okay to fabricate scenes for a documentary in some situations, as long as they help move the story along.

Maybe he's worked with Michael Moore...

Posted by CD on March 4, 2004 07:27 PM
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