September 30, 2004

Don't Trust the Media, Part 9,862,403

You know, when I saw that part of the Patriot Act had been ruled unconstitutional, I assumed that it had happened because of irrational fear on the part of the courts. I didn't realize that it hadn't actually happened at all.

Look, media, just give it up, all right? In the past month, you've relied on phony documents to try and pin an AWOL accusation on the president, you've relied on phony e-mails to try and convince people that Bush wants to reinstate the draft, and now you've confused the Patriot Act with a law that was passed in Nineteen-Eighty-Motherf**king-Six.

GIVE IT UP. I realize that us bloggers still need you to give us the information, but don't act like you have a monopoly on the unbiased truth. You're all human, just like us, and humans tend to be stupid and opinionated. Accept that fact and, as your "non-partisan" friends would say, move on. @ssclowns.

Posted by CD on September 30, 2004 03:25 PM
Category: The Media
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