November 04, 2004

Post-Election Commentary

I still have to study, but first, it's my obligation as a blogger to parrot the observations of all other right-wing bloggers. So, let's get started.

It's hilarious watching the left react to Bush's win. Seriously. I waited months for this. It's like Christmas! Do you realize how badly they've been defeated? They had Michael Moore, most of Hollywood, CBS, ABC, CNN, NPR, the New York Times, the LA Times, the Washington Post, a large portion of the music industry, George Soros, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, and tons of others on their side...AND THEY STILL LOST!

The best part is watching them try to explain it. The most common sentiment is something along the lines of, "I can't believe a majority of Americans could be that stupid!"

Yeah, okay. Bush is the Most Divisive President Ever, but anyone who doesn't agree with you is an idiot and/or hick, redneck, etc. That's some nice projection there, guys.

I'm not exaggerating either. Even here at school, I hear people blaming Bush's victory on "hicks" or "the South." Because apparently, not being a sufistakatid New England librul automatically makes you retarded. But in any case, it's hilarious to watch.

News flash: America didn't elect Bush because they're a bunch of dumb hicks. We wouldn't be the greatest country in the world if that were true. America also didn't elect Bush because you "couldn't get your message out." You control the mainstream media. Your message gets out every single day. America didn't elect Bush because Rove somehow controlled their minds or scared them into keeping the same president. If you want scare tactics, look no further than "Bush will draft your children" and other fun slogans.

America elected Bush because they agree with him more than they agree with Kerry. Period. I don't understand why liberals can't view the opposing argument as valid. I don't think I've seen anyone on the left suggesting that Kerry lost because his views are wrong. That would be heresy! No, the real reason Kerry lost is that he says the right thing, but he says it in such a complicated way that the peons can't understand that they need to be controlled by the Liberal Elite. If only there was a way to put it in terms they could comprehend!

I've written before about the left's tendency to view their opinions as facts and opposing opinions as lies, so I'll stop there. But I want to cover one more topic before I get back to studying camera techniques and such.

Bush's win has really brought out the latent anti-Christian bigotry. All over the place, people are claiming that in 4 years, we'll have a "fascist theocracy" equivalent to the Taliban, or that Bush will appoint judges who won't let women control their bodies and won't allow non-Christians to run for office. They're also blaming the same-sex marriage vote for Bush's popular vote numbers, claiming that he won the election by getting the homophobes to the polls.

First of all, you can oppose same-sex marriage and not be "homophobic." This is yet another example of the left's inability to comprehend the opposing view. Second: Where is this "religious right" that you all feel so threatened by? Even on right-leaning blogs, I'm seeing anti-Christian sentiments as people go on about the "religious right" and their supposed control over the Bush administration. I believe Oliver Willis even played the Fred Phelps card. Because we all know that he represents the majority of Christians. Them fags has gotta burn, got-dangit.

As a Christian, I can tell you that we don't have a secret network of underground churches just waiting to take control of women's bodies and send gays to the gas chambers. Maybe I'm just not in the know, but if I'm supposed to be getting checks from Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, I haven't heard about it.

And now, some final thoughts:

LIGHTEN UP. You morons are being more melodramatic than I ever thought possible. A Kerry fan on my floor literally broke down in tears when Bush took the lead, I saw a message on somebody's door that said "I weep for our nation," people are talking about moving to Canada...CALM THE F**K DOWN.

Lastly, before you come down on Bush for being a divider and not a uniter, maybe you should try to find common ground with the stupid homophobic fascist redneck theocrats who want to legalize rape and send innocent kids to die in an illegal imperialist war on false pretenses so rich people have enough oil to destroy the environment.

That is all.

(Inspired by this, among other things)

Posted by CD on November 4, 2004 10:50 AM
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