January 24, 2005

You Realize You're Wasting Your Time, Right?

There's an interesting article/opinion piece in today's Daily Orange that illustrates the mindset of the liberal "activist" fairly well. Check it out:

Students protest inauguration with music, hope

The morning after the presidential election last November, I cried, screamed and finally became numb to the insane amount of disappointment, anger and sincere distraught of Bush's re-election.

I noticed a lot of this. All the liberals were acting like their parents had just died or something. This is the first characteristic common to them: Being way too emotional about politics. Seriously, if Kerry had won, I would've been upset, but I wouldn't have let it ruin my friggin' day. These people need to stop being so melodramatic (this is part of the Grand Theory of Leftism, which will be posted when I find the time to finish it).

Yes, he was re-elected fair and square - as far as I know. I admit it.

Planting tiny seeds of doubt won't change it, you know.

But on the eve of his inauguration last Thursday, I decided to join hundreds of other Bush foes from across the nation in Washington, D.C. We planned to gather and march in protest of his anti-environment, anti-reproductive rights, anti-gay, pro-war policies.

"Hundreds...from across the nation." Wow, sounds like quite a turnout...*stifled laughter*...

Anyway, we're about to see another problem: The belief that making noise and generally acting silly will lead to change. These morons actually thought they would make a difference by disrupting a formal event that was going to take place no matter what they did. I really don't understand it, but let's see if we can get some insight..

After some last minute scrambling, my friend and I bummed a ride at about 1:30 a.m. on Friday with a Syracuse University student who was headed down there. Our friends here told us it was pointless to go. Why bother protesting an elected president? What would it prove? And why risk getting stranded on the highway in the blinding snow?

Well, if you were inclined to make logical decisions, you wouldn't be a moonbat, so I guess those problems didn't factor into the final decision. Protesting Bushchimplerâ„¢ is worth it!!!

I recognized their points...

Could've fooled me.

...and almost decided to stay in Syracuse.

See my above comments.

But for a reason I couldn't pin down, I felt a burning need to go.

It's called "paranoid schizophrenia," and it can be treated by a qualified professional.

So we ignored our critics...

Hey, sounds a lot like what Bush did.

...and left. We arrived in the capital around 9:30 a.m., and we made our way to our meet-up point with a crowd of protestors. They milled around in an incredible jumble of color and anti-Bush paraphernalia, signs, shirts and stickers.

"It is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

...Sorry. I was feeling very Shakespearean after reading that last part.

We couldn't stop craning our necks, pointing to the phrases that pleased us the most.

Now, we begin to see another problem: They're enjoying it. Looking for "phrases that [please them] the most." At one point in history, protesting was the only way oppressed people could bring their grievances before their leaders. Today, it has devolved into a way for stupid people to gather together with other stupid people and engage in a festival of self-congratulation and revelry. Ladies and gentlemen, the human race is doomed.

Some people took the makeshift stage set up on some rocks near the side of the park, and revved up the audience with their words. We found other Syracuse-area residents who had made their way down on two buses that were chartered from Binghamton.

Once again, note that they're talking not to Bush, but to each other. They're just doing this to feel good about themselves, because they know it won't change anything. Did it ever occur to them that if they need to seek constant validation of their beliefs, they might be wrong?

About half an hour later we joined the protestors' march as it passed by the park. A small crowd was pounding some homemade drums and shaking homemade maracas. People began chanting, clapping, whistling and dancing.

Oh yeah, that'll show the evil Chimperor what the people think. He's such a horrible president that he's caused them to break out in public displays of song and dance That b@stard.

In the middle of my hopping and shaking...

Once again: PROTESTS. AREN'T. SUPPOSED. TO. BE. FUN. You people are a huge joke, and you're too dumb to realize that we're all laughing at your expense.

...one woman thrust an empty water bottle filled with pebbles into my hands. "Do you need a shaker?" she asked. I took it and found an unreasonable amount of glee in joining the completely spontaneous, beautiful ruckus.

I don't think something planned in advance using buses and pre-determined meeting points really counts as "completely spontaneous," but once again, logic doesn't seem to matter to neolibs. If it felt spontaneous, it obviously must have been.

We marched, and the crowd stretched on and on. People in costumes, masks, bandannas, adorned with more and more signs, surrounded me.

Look, children, it's the circus!

I joined in the chants, "Welfare, not warfare..."

I guess they don't have a problem with class warfare.

...and "This is what democracy looks like."

If this was referring to the inauguration, then I guess it was true.

The sun emerged, bathing us all in the warm glow.

"...but we didn't need to cover our eyes, because we'd already been blinded by ideology."

For people who were so miserable about the president, his election and his policies, we were a happy crowd.

So...if Bush being president somehow makes you happy...shouldn't you be supporting him? Hey, it makes just as much sense as most of the crazy crap you believe.

We marched not because we thought the election was rigged or inaccurate. The result of that democratic process we grudgingly accept. We marched because we have the right to peacefully gather and demonstrate our great discontent - a democratic process we passionately embrace.

If you were demonstrating your discontent, then WHY THE EVERLOVING F**K WERE YOU ACTING HAPPY?! "Let's melt their icy hearts with our smiles!"

We marched to remind Mr. Bush that almost half of America is not happy with his actions and his decisions, and that he represents our views as well.

Since the only "view" you seem to have is "Bush is bad," I kind of doubt he shares it.

And we marched to remind ourselves, and those who share our views, that...

"...we might be wrong, but at least we can have fun!"

...we still have the ability to hope and work for a better America - especially in the next four years.

Right. By dancing, wearing random costumes, making semi-literate signs, and shaking bottles full of rocks. Good luck with that.

I know I'm kind of mutilating a beaten horse here, but I really want to get back to the problem of protestors acting happy. What's the deal? I noticed the same thing with a lot of anti-war protests: Many of the participants in these things are smiling, dancing, and generally having a good time.

Take a look at some of these pictures. Do they look serious to you? It seems to me that the only reason they assemble is to be around people who share their views, and they really don't care if it accomplishes anything.

I guess that's more important to liberals than change. After all, making a difference might involve work.

Posted by CD on January 24, 2005 02:56 PM
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Semi-Intelligent Comments

Wow... that's almost the same article that my school had in today's paper.

Posted by: Katherine at January 24, 2005 09:38 PM

No, CD, that's not the ONLY reason they assembled. A lot of them also had some realy PRIME weed. Like with a blacklight and Miracle-Gro.

Posted by: tommy at January 25, 2005 11:18 AM

anti-reproductive rights

I'm sorry, I didn't realize being anti-infanticidepro-life meant one was "anti-reproductive". Seems to me the abortionists are the ones who are anti-reproductive.

Ladies and gentlemen, the human race is doomed.


Posted by: Army NCO Guy at January 27, 2005 11:10 AM
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