December 01, 2005

Schadenfreude is Fun

Check out this letter from today's Daily Orange:

Is SU really 'No Place for Hate?'

It is absolutely reprehensible that the university would essentially disregard the chancellor's opinion on the bigoted, homophobic and sexist sham of a television station that is HillTV. After numerous student accounts on how they were adversely affected by "Over the Hill's" antics, those concerns were completely dismissed. Chancellor Cantor's stance against HillTV and "Over the Hill" could have been the impetus to social change on campus. To ignore the chancellor's demands to actively embrace the university's colloquialism on "No Place for Hate" is not only disrespectful, but a baffling and a contradictory stance, by those on the HillTV hearing panel. Now, what could have potentially been a drastic change in white supremacy, sexism and homophobia and other ideals of hate on campus has turned out to be nothing more than a university endorsement of such ideals. The decision represents the retrogressive attitudes members of the Syracuse University community have towards a cohesive campus environment for all students, faculty and staff alike. Merely changing the name of the station or allowing a two-month suspension of the station just adds a Band-Aid to an already gaping wound; the history will still be there. The university that proclaims itself as "No place for Hate" should not allow an organization that for months defended members of its organization by saying hateful language was protected by the First Amendment. If it is indeed the case that hateful language is protected by the First Amendment, it is still in direct opposition to the university's diversity compact. Or is the diversity compact, too, just mere rhetoric?

It's like November 3, 2004 all over again!

That's right, cry about it. Fucking oversensitive assholes. If you pompous morons think that exaggerated racial stereotypes, offensive though they may be, qualify as "hate," then you really need to open your eyes and take a look at a little thing called the real world.


But I guess that acknowledging this fact would violate your nice little collectivist world view, where every member of a certain group thinks the same way.

Hmmm...sounds an awful lot like your definition of "hate" to me...WHY ARE YOU OFFENDING ME WITH YOUR BIGOTRY, YOU BIGOTED BIGOTS??!?!!?!!111/?/!!??

Okay, I'm done.

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