December 04, 2005

Fun Facts About Dick Cheney

If you're looking for something to read (and you have a lot of free time), this is one of the greatest comment threads in the history of blogging.


Dick Cheney takes candy from babies, then later gives it to diabetic babies.
Dick Cheney wipes his ass with scorpions.
Cheney killed the dinosaurs, because that's how you make oil.
Colonel Kurtz's village in Apocalypse Now was loosely based on Dick Cheney's summer home, but with 30% less Hmong tribal warriors and 175% less impaled corpses.
During Dick Cheney’s last heart surgery, the doctors opened his stomach to find a half-digested great white shark. Inside the shark’s belly, they found eleven sea turtles, forty-three pounds of fish, two tires, six and a half feet of rusty chain, and one golf club.

Follow the link for over 600 more (really).

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