February 06, 2006

I Go to School With Strange People

Good times in TRF today. We were learning how to use the new cameras (which are freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeakin' sweet), and the professor was seeing how much we knew. The following was an exchange between her and a student I will refer to as JF (not completely verbatim):

PROFESSOR: This is the diopter. Who knows what a diopter is?
JF: Yeah, Schwarzenegger plays one in his next movie. He's got a big claw and everything. It's ill.
CLASS: Stunned silence/nervous laughter
JF: ...I was trying to be funny. Didn't work out. You know...three hour class...just trying to lighten the mood...

For the record, the diopter is the part of the viewfinder that adjusts the focus of the eyepiece itself.

The dude who said the Schwarzenegger thing is basically the college version of the class clown, so I may have some more quotes from him in the near future...

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