February 11, 2006

Music Is Fun

I'm going to be rather busy this weekend (assuming I don't procrastinate...which I will...), so here's some stuff to listen to.

I mentioned earlier that my computer has GarageBand, which is a really cool program for making recordings. One of the tools it provides is hundreds of loops of different instruments. I decided to mess around with these a couple weeks ago, and after a lot of experimentation, I managed to make two decent songs using nothing but the pre-recorded loops the program comes with. Check these out:

Pop Rock

Also, I've been making some more slow progress on guitar, as three recordings I made tonight will hopefully demonstrate.

The first song is similar to the sample I posted before (and it's improvised just like that one), but I used more than three chords this time, and there's a kickass lead solo near the end (fair warning: I kind of made the lead a lot louder than necessary). It's still not much compared to what good guitarists can do, but considering the fact that I've only been playing for a month (not to mention the problem of practicing in a dorm room), I'm happy with it.

The second song is kind of Pink Floyd-esque for the first three minutes. Everything you hear during the intro was made using the guitar somehow, and it's all the same track and take. I just applied a really cool effect to make it sound like laughter, footsteps, etc. After that, it goes into a pseudo-acoustic solo thingy for another few minutes that sounds pretty good at times. Again, totally improvised.

The final song is my rendition of Nirvana's "Come As You Are." It's only a couple sections, and it's not tuned perfectly, but I think it sounds really, really sweet.

Anyway, check 'em all out, and I'll be back...sometime.

Improvised Rock
Come As You Are

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