March 05, 2006

More Guitar Stuff

I swear this frickin' guitar is going to destroy my GPA...

I made a couple more recordings over the last 24 hours, and I figured I'd post them.

The first is a cover (I hope nobody from the RIAA reads this blog) of another TRUSTcompany song called "Fold." Not much to say other than I don't think I got some of the bridge chords right, but it sounds pretty similar to the real thing. I had to tune down to drop-C to play it right. It was...interesting getting it up to standard after that.

The second is an original that I just started writing a couple days ago. It's a bit abridged because I didn't feel like repeating everything, but all the pieces are there. I haven't decided for sure what to call it, so for now, it will be known as "Spone Zone."

Also, both of these tracks include bass (which is really just the guitar with the treble turned down and a "bass amp" effect from GarageBand applied).

Anyway, that's enough rambling. Sorry about the rather poor sound quality. I don't have the means to record direct, so I have to make these by setting my headphones next to the computer mic...

Spone Zone

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