March 17, 2006

More Recordings

I'll write again when there's actually stuff going on, trust me. Until then, here's some more music.

I decided to record some live drums tonight instead of using the loops in GarageBand. Unfortunately, I didn't have the necessary wires to use condenser mics, so I had to settle for a couple crappy ones that I put on top of a box on the floor. Because of this, the sound quality isn't real great, and the guitar tone had to be modified so it didn't overpower the drums completely. Still, there's some interesting stuff here.

The first is yet another cover of Downfall (hey, I said it was my favorite song, right?). It sounds a little muddy at high volumes, but I think I captured the essence of it...except that I don't know how to play the bass guitar part, so I just made some crap up.

The second is just some random drumming with some random guitar on top of it. I basically had a one-man jam session. It includes a demonstration of my nonexistent amazing double bass drum abilities and my new tremolo picking technique (which I'm still working on). It gets a little weird, but it has its moments.

Also, just for fun, I changed around some of the effects on Lost and Found and made a lighter, drum-free version. Let me stress that it's the same recording as before, but with clean guitar effects rather than distortion. Digital editing is fun.

Anyway, here are the recordings:

Downfall 2
Random Jam
Lost and Found Lite

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Semi-Intelligent Comments

I listened to the previous version of Lost & Found and liked it, but, yeah, the distortion was a bit too heavy for my taste.

Posted by: Tuning Spork at March 20, 2006 11:44 PM
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