June 10, 2006

Guitar Recordings of the Day

So, like I said in the last post, I now own a Line 6 PODxt, which is a guitar amp modeler. I was tired of using the screechy distortion in GarageBand, so I decided to upgrade my equipment.

I've been testing it out for...the past five hours, I think...and although my crappy guitar once again presents some serious limitations to what I can do, this thing can make some really cool sounds.

I threw together three quick samples to demonstrate the POD's capabilities, although thanks to the bastards who screwed up the MuNu servers, I can't upload anything larger than 1 MB, so these are all short and rather low quality (128-160 kbps), but it's the best I can do right now.

Anyway, I made all of these using the USB connection from the POD to GarageBand, and although I did a bit of post-recording EQ, etc., I didn't use any distortion from the computer. Also, each sample consists of one track copied and pasted three times for a fuller sound (two of the three are panned hard left and right). Check these out:

Sample #1 is a chunk of my "Spone Zone" riffs that I played using the "X Tone" preset channel, which is based on the "Line 6 Chemical X" amp model:

Spone Zone X

Sample #2 is an improvised drop-D chugfest using the "Line 6 Modern Hi-Gain" amp model:

Modern Hi-Gain

Sample #3, my personal favorite, is an improvised thrashtravaganza made with the "Line 6 Spinal Puppet" amp model:

Spinal Puppet

As soon as I can upload large, full quality MP3s again, I'll have something better.

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