June 16, 2006

Off-Site Guitar Recording of the Day

Holy. Freakin'. Crap. This PODxt thingy is friggin' awesome.

Seriously, I thought it sounded good already, but that was before I started experimenting with layered guitar tracks.

I repeat: Holy. Freakin'. Crap.

I messed around a bit with the POD and GarageBand, and I think I managed to perfect a recording strategy that compensates for the crappiness of my guitar. It still sounds rather amateurish, but compared to everything I've posted so far, this is practically professional quality.

Unfortunately, my uploads still aren't available, so I can't post a full-quality mp3. However, this particular song isn't a cover, so I was able to put it elsewhere.

Anyway, remember the song called Lost and Found that I posted back in March? I spent a couple hours re-recording it from the ground up with the POD. Every track is brand new, and it sounds about 1000 times better than the original (again, unfortunately, you can't listen to both for comparison at the moment unless you downloaded the first one for some reason).

It took a while to put this together. It uses four individual rhythm guitar tracks (meaning I actually played it four times just for these), one clean guitar track, one solo guitar track, one bass guitar track, and four tracks of drum loops.

Like I said, it took a while.

The distorted rhythm tracks are what I'm really psyched about here. Two of them use the bridge pickup, and two use the half-bridge, half-middle pickup setting for more chunkiness. I also panned two to the left and two to the right, so the stereo effect is better than ever. All four use a tone I created specifically for this song on the POD. Basically, I took the "Line 6 Spinal Puppet" amp model and tweaked it until it sounded the way I needed it to. I won't go into detail about the other stuff, but I'm really impressed at the kind of distortion I'm getting out of my terrible guitar.

Anyway, if you want to hear it, go here and look for it at the top of the page. You have to be a member to download the mp3, but you can click on "lo-fi" or "hi-fi" (I'd recommend hi-fi, because the other one sounds like crap and isn't in stereo) and it will play in your browser. Feel free to review it in the comments or whatever.

I'll post the full quality version here as soon as my file manager is working again.

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