June 29, 2006

Well, That Backfired

Bwahaha! I was just reading some comments over at Right Wing News, and I came across a hilarious leftard dropping in this thread:

The right and the media in general are far, far more interested in Hillary as a candidate than anyone on the real, true left. Go check out Dailykos, and what the average person is saying about Hillary over there; ain't nothing good.

Why the disdain? It's pretty simple. She's seen as a warbot-in-waiting, a Bush-heel bootlicker, a finger-in-the-wind hardcore politician, and generally reflecting none of the passionate stances of the left - the desire for no war and transparent government and un-torture and un-warrantless surveillance and compassion at all costs, to name a few.

Again: the obsession with the Clintons - and particularly Hillary - comes from the right and the mainstream media. The left is through with her. It would take so much for her to end up a viable candidate...it's just not possible. She's highly damaged goods. I would say that, honestly, she's only degrees more trusted or respected than Joe "Can I F*ck You, Mr. Bush?" Liebermann.

I repeat: Bwahaha!!!

Looks like Hillary's brilliant "I have to pretend I'm conservative so Republicans will vote for me" plan didn't exactly work out. Instead of convincing conservatives to vote for her, all she's done is apparently convince the crazier segment of the left (i.e. Daily Kos and the moron above) that she's not liberal enough.


I would love to hear her internal monologue if she somehow ended up reading that comment:

"Oh, shit! I accidentally made a bunch of liberals believe that I'm no longer on their side! Well, at least the right wing majority will still...OH, SHIT! The right wingers were too smart to see through my shallow transformation! I'm dooooooomed!"


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Semi-Intelligent Comments

So much for the "Third Way" triangulation. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Posted by: Tuning Spork at June 29, 2006 03:47 PM

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