September 03, 2006

Weekend Guitar Recordings

Posted some new originals on SoundClick if you're interested.

"Fender Grunge" is a series of stuff I came up with a couple days ago. It sounds a lot like something from Nirvana's In Utero album. Both the clean and distorted guitars were done with a PODxt tone I made using a model of the Fender Twin (the amp Kurt Cobain used on the aforementioned album). The track also includes bass, which was done by artificially tuning the guitar down an octave with the "Bender" effect on the POD. Fun stuff.

"Choice 2" is a sample of the guitar version of my old anti-abortion song "Choice." You may remember it. I finally started writing real guitar riffs, and it sounds pretty sweet so far. Lots of alternate picking and such.

"Blister" is a sample of another thrash song that I started writing a few months ago. It's one of my most difficult songs to play (my hand started cramping up halfway through the recording process), but it sounds really, really good. Also, unlike most stuff I write, this one is in standard tuning.

The guitars in the last two songs were done with the "Angel P-ball" amp model from the PODxt. It's from the Metal Shop model pack and is based on the ENGL Powerball amp. It's tweaked to the point of being really, really tight and distorted, and I think it thrashes better than the Spinal Puppet model.

Anyway, check those out. Feedback is always good.

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