December 14, 2006

That Semester Was Entirely Too Long

It's over. I just finished my terrible anthropology report, and now all my work for the semester is finished. All I have to do is clean my room and pack now.

*Looks at clock*

Oh, good. It's almost 3 AM.

Anyway, this semester pissed me off. Really. It started off pretty well, and after a rough couple of weeks, I managed to get a ton of stuff done for almost two months. And then, of course, the whole "holy shit, I have social skills now and I don't have enough opportunities to use them" thing kicked in, and the last half of the semester sucked ass as I wallowed in my fucking self-pity (losing all my motivation in the process and probably severely damaging my GPA).

Yeah. Fortunately, the month-long depression is pretty much over, and I'm feeling like myself again, only now I have a brand new outlook on life and a desire to get out and try new things. I just hope that the next month won't involve sitting in my room all night and sleeping all day with no human interaction whatsoever. I'll only need about a week of that.

Only one more semester, and then...the real world awaits.

I should start getting my stuff together now.

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