April 02, 2007

Where Did My Weekend Go?

I just got back from another 7 hour TRF shooting session at the Holiday Inn. My eyes hurt. Not to mention my arms (holding a boom mic is hard).

In that entire time, we only shot two scenes. Setting up lights takes a while (an hour and a half, in one case).

Luckily, what we did get worked pretty well. If nothing else, this is the best looking film I've ever been part of. The acting is pretty good, too.

Also, on the social front, I've managed to make it this far without saying anything incredibly stupid that will make the rest of the group hate me, as I have a tendency to do. I even managed to have a decent on-and-off conversation with the (female) co-star of the film for almost an hour. That's practically fucking unprecedented.

I'm going to edit and then sleep for as long as possible before going to the 9:30 AM class this is due in now.

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