April 09, 2007

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Ladies and gentlemen, for your entertainment, my impersonation of the Fayed death scene:

"Hi! I'm an extremely obvious tribute to Die Hard! In case the 'terrorist being strangled by a chain' thing doesn't make this clear enough, here's a reference to the terrorist's brother, who was also killed by the protagonist!"

Seriously. I half expected Fayed to come running back out at the last minute and get gunned down by Doyle.

Other than that, this episode kind of made up for last week's barely substandard performance, although the number of commercial breaks was fucking infuriating.

The fake car crash was...interesting. I'm not sure how they would plan for the possibility of, uh...DEATH with that strategy, but hey, that's fiction for you.

When they mentioned calling General Habib, my first thought was "how do you say 'flank two position' in Arabic?" I guess I was right about that one.

I'm really, really not sure about this stuff with Audrey and the Chinese. Three seasons with some element of those is a bit much.

Has anyone noticed that we never even find out where in the Middle East "Fayed's country" is, but it's apparently all right to portray China as unhealthily bent on vengeance? It all just seems a little forced.

But we shall see. Oh, yes. We shall see...

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