March 06, 2009

Photo Fun

A variety of things in the real world are keeping me from blogging lately, but I thought I'd share a fun discovery that should amuse and/or terrify you.

As I've mentioned, I recently got a new computer. It happens to have a built-in camera that works with the included Photo Booth application. In the process of messing around with this, I noticed that it has some effects that you can apply to photos. Join me in the extended entry as I explore a few...

Let's start with a simple "pop art" filter:


Kind of fun, but mostly boring. However, let's see what happens if I make myself a comic book character:

Comic.jpg's still kind of boring. Let's apply some more intense effects. First, there's "bulge," which looks something like this:


Now we're getting somewhere. Kind of has a Joe Camel vibe to it. Next, let's have fun with the "squeeze" effect:


At last, a visual representation of my brilliance!

But that's not all! With the "mirror" effect, I can become a mute cyclops:


Finally, let's see what happens when I apply the "dent" effect:


What the f...oh, wait, my mistake; that's Pavel Datsyuk.

Here's the dent effect:


You can't exactly blame me for confusing the two, can you?

...I really need a job.

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Semi-Intelligent Comments

I thought the Dent effect put you in pajamas and dressing gown, gave you an impossible desire for a cup of tea and an irrational distrust of Thursdays. Oh, and makes the world explode as a side effect.

On balance, this one is probably better.

Posted by: tommy at March 8, 2009 07:05 PM
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