August 18, 2010



What? Why am I not suddenly getting thousands of readers? Aren't those three words in the title THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE IN THE UNIVERSE?

Seriously, I understand the significance of this controversy (if you don't know what I'm referring to, where have you been for the past two weeks?), but bloggers seem to have forgotten that they're allowed to write about other things, too.

Since plenty has been said about it already, I can't add much, but I want to focus on a specific piece of criticism coming from the mosque's defenders.

It seems they're justifying this ridiculous project by saying that it's actually a "community center," not a mosque, even though it just happens to be centered around an Islamic prayer space and is endorsed by Hamas. Therefore, those who object to its presence are simply motivated by their hatred of diversity.

This reminds me of a scene from the Ladder to Heaven episode of South Park. I'll just quote the relevant portion here, and if my position isn't clear enough, I'm not sure what else I can do:

[Heaven. Weapons of mass destruction are seen among the clouds. Saddam is right there shouting directions]

Saddam Hussein: Keep those nitrogen capsules over there by the warheads! Right. Chop-chop. Come on!

[a bright beam of light lands on Saddam, who shields his eyes]

God: Saddam. I've been hearing rumors that you're secretly building weapons of mass destruction up here.

Saddam Hussein: Weapons of mass destruction? Nooo! This is a chocolate chip factory. See?

[displays boxes of "Saddam's Heavenly Chocolate Chips"]

God: It looks like a chemical weapons plant.

Saddam Hussein: Look, God, if I was gonna secretly build a chemical weapons plant, I wouldn't make it look like a chemical weapons plant, would I? I'd make it look like a chocolate chip factory or something.

God: ...Alright, just checking.

[removes the beam of light]

Saddam Hussein: [giggles] Stupid asshole!

[goes back to work]
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