September 11, 2010

Never Forget

There's something profoundly creepy about watching some of MSNBC's replay of their 9/11 coverage, then walking to the kitchen and looking out the window at Manhattan, especially since the weather here at the moment is virtually identical to the way it was nine years ago.

Somehow, the idea that that shit actually fucking happened is a bit easier to comprehend after the above experience. It almost feels more real now than it did as a 16 year-old watching it on a TV with horrible reception in a Pennsylvania public school. That full story is here, incidentally. Fun fact: the friend of my brother's who wrote "fuck the middleast" at Ground Zero went on to join the Army after high school. Seriously.

Also, MSNBC replayed President Bush's initial statement after the attacks, which somehow had the biggest emotional impact on me. I guess I just miss having a real man in the White House.

Never. Fucking. Forget.


A couple of pics from this morning, just to show you what I mean:

The place where the towers would've been isn't actually visible from here, but you get the idea.

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