December 03, 2010

Life Intrusion

You may have noticed a lull in blogging once again. This is due to, among other things, a bit of political burnout after the election and an intensified focus on trying to find work, but my mind has also kind of been on more important things lately.

I could go into more personal detail here than usual, but I think this article is more than enough explanation. If you haven't figured out why by the time you get to the last line, you're probably not the kind of person who would be reading this blog in the first place.

Incidentally, that story is rather poorly written and contains some factual errors (a person reported to have died is, in fact, still alive as far as I know, and they overcame the supposed cause of death in the mid-'90s), but it gets the job done.

Not really much more to say than that.

Posted by CD on December 3, 2010 04:57 AM | TrackBack
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Prayers for your bro going up in 3...2...1...

Posted by: The Mulatto Maker at December 3, 2010 05:19 PM

Ditto Mulatto Maker. Prayers forthcoming for you and your family.

Posted by: tommy at December 3, 2010 08:27 PM

Thanks, guys. I appreciate it.

Incidentally, in addition to the aforementioned error, the article completely mangled the timeline of this ridiculous ordeal. The first tumor is the one that caused seizures (I mentioned it here). This one has just confined him to a wheelchair for the past few weeks.

Life is just full of surprises, isn't it?

Posted by: CD at December 4, 2010 11:46 AM

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