November 23, 2003

One More Stupid Post 

I need to post one more totally random entry here to finish off the day. First of all, having a roommate who talks on the phone a lot can lead to random entertainment. For example, I heard him saying this a few minutes ago: "Crab people...Crab people...CRAB...PEOPLE! I don't know, maybe..." I assume he was talking about South Park, but you never know. I also happened to hear someone yell "F**K YOU, GREASY!" outside my dorm. College is fun.

Okay, on to important things. I still have a filthy lie about the evil puppy blending, hobo-murdering, robot-dancing, Satan worshipping communist, Glenn Reynolds, but I have to clean up my room, proofread a couple papers, write something about my summer media log, and do some Spanish homework right now. I haven't actually written the lie yet, but I have some of it worked out in my head. I'll give you a preview of a couple lines I'm planning to use just to get you interested:

"Everything seemed normal, until I realized that all the puppies were cowering in fear..."
"If I can't do this, then why do they make stun-guns at all?"
"Do not question the Hamster Hat! Nobody questions the Hamster Hat!"
More on that when I invent remember the rest. Goodnight.

Posted by CD on November 23, 2003 11:39 PM
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