April 17, 2006

24 Blogging


Wow. I was all set to say "best death-free episode ever," and then BOOM! Frickin' death-o-rama! I love this show.

Incidentally, as soon as Jack said "we have to work together" to the bodyguard dude, I knew he was a dead man. And I was right. I know this show thrives on unpredictability and the fact that anyone can die at any time, but at this point, I'd be more genuinely shocked if one of Jack's temporary accomplices survived the frickin' episode. I still feel sorry for the banker dude, especially since his wife is going to slowly starve to death...

Speaking of death, I'm still looking forward to seeing if CTU medical can come up with a creative new way to screw up and kill Bierko...unless they just pull a Behrooz and never show the guy again.

Tonight's episode contained one of many examples this season that Jack Bauer apparently has the ability to warp through time and/or space. Unless he just speaks an obscure dialect in which "I'll be there in a few minutes" means "I'll be there in about 30 seconds."

Interesting plotline. I'm amazed that they managed to tie together all the loose ends. I've seen a couple fellow conservatives getting a little pissed that the entire season boils down to a "the president wants ooooooiiiiiilllll" conspiracy, as if it's somehow bashing President Bush by making that the theme, but...come on. It's fiction. Don't we look down on moonbats for making war for oil accusations precisely because we would strongly disapprove of Bush actually doing something like that? Lighten up, yo.

And now back to "holy crap too much work what do I do somebody please make it stop before my head explodes" mode.

Later, minions.

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Semi-Intelligent Comments

i called it, though, woooo.

I even added "Bush stereotypes by Logan" to my "24 drinking game"

It's a finish the drink score, BTW.


Posted by: tommy at April 18, 2006 05:07 PM
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