February 12, 2007

24 Blogging (Part 2)


Tonight fully made up for the mediocrity of the last couple episodes. Damn.


- Milo is pretty much dead at this point.

- The government conspiracy is to assassinate Palmer and blame Assad somehow.

- Jack will eventually be forced to kill his own father. This will happen as they stand a few paces apart pointing guns at each other. His father will pull the trigger first, but he'll be out of ammo. Jack will then blow his brains out.


- Chloe will be in some sort of danger in the next few episodes. Morris will have to save her.

- Not really a prediction, but you'd think that by this point, Jack would learn to NEVER TRUST ANYBODY FOR ANY REASON EVER. Fuck, dude. How many times do you have to be betrayed before it sinks in?

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