March 16, 2007

Lounge Pirate Comes Alive

This is the third version of this song, but it's something I've wanted to do for a while.

Let me back up. As you may have guessed, I'm home for spring break. That means I have access to my drumset and my dad's recording equipment. I decided to take advantage of this by recording the first full version of Lounge Pirate (I consider this my best song, so what better choice for an update?).

I started by laying down two tracks of drums using professional-quality microphones and a Tascam portable studio. I fucked up the placement a little and lost some of the snare, but it still sounds better than GarageBand loops. Also, this was the first time I played drums since November, so I couldn't do as much cool stuff as I'd be capable of with more warmup time, but I think it sounds pretty good.

I then recorded guitar and bass directly into the Tascam. I had to use all 6 remaining tracks, so it took a while. Due to the aforementioned mic placement issues, getting a good balance was a little difficult, but everything seems to come through if you adjust the volume right. Worth noting is the fact that I used this as an opportunity to test the "Criminal" PODxt amp (based on a Peavey 5150) on the rhythm guitar tracks. It sounds a little spongier than I expected, but it serves its purpose.

I won't go into the other details; Just check out the recording:

Lounge Pirate Live

As usual, comments are encouraged.

Also, I recorded the drums from "Master of Puppets" (or at least my rendition of them, since I don't feel like emulating Lars Ulrich precisely in any way), and as soon as I can actually play through that song on guitar, I'll try to get a cover made. I'm not sure how I could post it, though...

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