December 31, 2010

Overdue Music Demo

I mentioned a couple years ago that I was working on a song called "Savior." When I posted that, the lyrics were complete, but I was still working on the music.

Well...I'm still kind of working on the music. I know what direction I want to go, but the middle section I have in mind is a crazy breakdown with some intense drumming and Hendrix chords. Unfortunately, that kind of thing is really hard to write, especially when you can never seem to get around to it.

Anyway, since I'm back in Pittsburgh for a couple weeks and can take some time to jam, I figured I'd record a quick demo of what I have so far. You can hear the beginning of the breakdown at the very end of the track (I kind of played the wrong chord for a couple measures on the left guitar and was too lazy to fix it, but due to the intentional dissonance, it's hard to tell).

Those of you who just slogged through that musical jargon can now check out the demo and leave your thoughts in the comments:

This new embedded Tindeck player is pretty sweet.

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