July 02, 2005

More Music

All right, time for some more SA samples. These were recorded in my basement like the last ones, but they were done with professional quality microphones. The volume is a little low, and the mixing isn't perfect (so I suggest downloading them, putting them in a program with an equalizer/amplifier, and cranking up the volume), but they actually sound like music this time, and my drums don't sound like absolute crap. Check these out:

Insane Inside
Fake and Inaccurate
Growing Down
Rockin' In the Free World (I figure that since we just did the guitars and drums, and nobody is making a profit, there shouldn't be a problem with posting this)

Seriously, people. It'll only take a few minutes to listen to these, and they actually sound somewhat good this time. Let me have some feedback here.

Also, if you want to follow the progress of the band, we've got separate band blogs going. Check them out here and here.

Later, minions.

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Category: Music
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