January 16, 2007

Roll Call Rant

For the love of crap, professors, my last name is not that difficult to pronounce. First of all, it's only six frickin' letters long. And second, it's completely phonetic! Just because it contains an A where there's usually an O doesn't mean you have to completely mangle the pronunciation. I really don't understand how it's possible for so many people to take a name that's supposed to rhyme with "unwrap" and somehow make it rhyme with "dump truck."

...Those of you who actually know my last name will probably understand this more.

On a more positive note, remember my complaint about the weather? Well...a day makes a lot of difference around here:


21 and snowing. Beautiful.

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Category: General Stupidity
Semi-Intelligent Comments

So your professors start to speak your name, see the A where they thought an O was going to be, get all confused, and replace the vowel with a noncommittal "uh." It does seem that they should take the trouble to learn the right way. But then, they're professors.

Speaking of odd pronunciations, Syracuse is supposed to be SEAR-uh-kyoose, right? Much of the country persists in calling it SAIR-uh-kyuze. I never understood how they got AIR from "yr".

Posted by: Tom at January 18, 2007 07:43 AM
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