April 07, 2007

Your Daily Recommended Allowance of Crazy

During my most recent procrastination tangent, I stumbled upon a goldmine of insane hilarity. Too much introduction would ruin it, so here's a brief excerpt to get you started:

Now, how many of you ones have asked yourselves, what is the common denominator in 911? Do any amongst you yet see AND understand this part, for indeed this was the crucial part of the plan. The citizens of this world were indeed becoming restless for major change in many countries. Many of the people actually began listening to the ancient voices among you, those that did not foretell of doom and gloom, rather those that foretold of a better life, more equitable societies. They spoke out of a need for better governmental non-control; of the rights of the parents as well as the rights of the children. They spoke of real religious and Spiritual freedoms, of the tyranny of the wealthy, of their unease at the constant violation of other countries "civil rights." Millions were beginning to take baby steps to change the futures of their countries and themselves. This had been foreseen by the dark forces, they were well aware that only a plan so gruesome, so utterly terrible, could quell the voices. They sought not to placate the people but to punish them for their unruliness. So it was that the 911 was conceived so long ago.


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