September 24, 2008

Name That iTune

Hopefully, I won't have to keep throwing these up every week (I'm slowly making some progress on the apartment/job front), but they're still kind of fun, so here we go again.

I'm trying another new strategy this week: I'm not going to limit each band to one song. Any band can appear any number of times, and to help you out, I will tell you which songs are by the same band, although I obviously won't tell you what band it is. Check the extended entry for this, along with last week's answers.

This week's mystery lyrics:

Forever after
You killed my laughter
All I've done
Doesn't matter

I am your inner fear
Your kind refuse to hear
I am the light, I am the way
But the fallacies of man are easy to embrace

I slipped away, further from you
Trying to find what is real
Youíre somebody else that I never knew
And someone that I canít feel

Too alarming now to talk about
Take your pictures down and shake it out
Truth or consequence, say it aloud
Use that evidence, race it around

Hello, mirror, so glad to see you my friend
It's been a while
Searching, fearless, where do I begin to heal
This wound of self-denial?

This old world, well
Don't it make you wanna think damn?
This cold girl, well
Don't she make you wanna scream damn?

The ceiling's low, the walls are thin
The little stars upon your skin
I cannot sleep, I'm wound too tight
The morning comes and I feel all right

Corrupt my hope
In joyous hell
Between the lines
Lick cream that smells

Hang out my window
And over your head
Stare at your feelings
To see where they end

Even if you turn away
Sweep it all aside under the rug
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
But your problems still remain

Because I'm bored, here's a bonus song (it's not a particularly difficult one either, in my opinion):

I don't want to see you waiting
I've already gone too far away
I still can't keep the day from ending
No more messed up reasons for me to stay

Clues for this week (these will probably just confuse you, but I'll still give partial credit for figuring out anything from the song's title to the band's name):

- #1 and #8 are by the same band, and they're actually from the same album.

- #6 and #9 are by the same band.

- #1, #2, #4, #5, #7, #8, and #10 are all by bands that appeared in the last edition (I really have more music in my collection than it seems, but I leave out the stuff that nobody would recognize).

- Song #2 has the same title as one of last week's songs. In addition...

- The band that wrote the aforementioned song from last week also wrote this week's song #10.

- I posted a cover of song #4 in early 2006.

- The title of song #6 is in the lyrics.

- The title of song #8, except for the suffix of one word, is in the lyrics.

Good luck!

Answers to last edition:

1. "Suffer" by Staind

2. "Point to Prove" by Theory of a Deadman

3. "I Walk Alone" by Oleander

4. "Overdrive" by Foo Fighters

5. "Retribution Through the Ages" by Iced Earth

6. "My Ruin" by Sevendust (Huge hint: It's a pretty good bet that this band will appear at least once in every edition, since they're one of my favorites)

7. "One" by Metallica (solved by The Mulatto Maker)

8. "Constant Motion" by Dream Theater

9. "Anymore" by The Clarks

10. "Side of a Bullet" by Nickelback

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...but my brain hurts now...

Posted by: The Mulatto Maker at September 24, 2008 02:29 PM

Sorry. Looking at the clues again, it reads like one of those "Jimmy is twice as old as Timmy, but half as old as Billy. Billy is younger than Johnny, but older than Davey, etc." logic puzzles.

Posted by: CD at September 24, 2008 02:47 PM
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