January 14, 2007

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The new season is off to a decent start. It's interesting to see them mixing the "Islamic terrorism actually is a problem" theme with the "not every Muslim on the planet is a threat" theme. The useful idiots trying to help Ahhhhhhhhcccccccckkkkkkkkmed were a nice touch. On one hand, you have to feel kind of sorry for him, but on the other hand, HOLY FUCK, HE ACTUALLY IS A TERRORIST!

Also, I hope this Fayed (or however you spell it) dude is going to be a consistent enemy as opposed to the string of evil Russian dudes from last season.

However, my prediction is that we'll eventually find out that he's being controlled by the guys who worked with Logan last time. After all, we never did find out who they were or what was motivating them.

Jack's character development should be interesting. He's been released from China, he escaped the guy who wants him dead...he has something to live for again, but all he knows is anti-terrorism, and apparently he's got some PTSD issues or something.

Second prediction based on this: Sometime in the afternoon, Jack has a breakdown that causes CTU to lose track of their target, and nobody trusts him after this until Chloe somehow convinces them otherwise. Also, Jack and Audrey will be reunited, but Audrey is going to die.

Finally, I saw a newspaper article criticizing the new season for being illogical.

Uh...okay? That's kind of like criticizing the ocean for being wet. People like 24 because it's fun watching Jack kill people, not because it makes sense.

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