March 27, 2005

Overdue Lyrics

I'm probably not going to blog at all this week. I am now officially buried in work due to my almost superhuman ability to procrastinate, so...yeah. We've been through this before.

However, I did write a couple new political songs over the weekend (it's amazing how creative one can be when one is supposed to be memorizing facts), and I will now share them in the extended entry. Enjoy.


Are you becoming what you hate
Or is it what you've always been
You blame me for problems you think I create
But you're ignoring your own sins
You tell me your side stands for peace
And unconditional tolerance
But now the anger's been released
And the blood of your hatred is on your hands


You laugh at all the little sheep
In line behind their blind shepherds
While you admire the so-called elite
Within your own disgruntled herd
You look down on the close-minded fools
Who fear all things ambiguous
They're all the same, according to the rules
Of your unequaled viciousness


You don't even see people
When you look across the line
It's no wonder you can't keep all
Of this rage held deep inside


And now you've shown me your true face
You try to put me in my place
But this is where you belong
It's been your home all along
You cannot hide your bigotry
It's there for everyone to see
You've held onto hypocrisy
And become the minority


Maybe you didn't yell loud enough
Maybe you made it too complicated
Maybe you need to start getting tough
So you won't be eliminated


Maybe nobody was on your side
Maybe it was all a plot
Maybe it's because the other guy lied
And the masses were dumber than you thought


Maybe you just need to stop the delusion
Maybe you need to rethink your conclusions
Maybe you're wrong and the people are right
Maybe you brought a knife to this gunfight

(Background audio sample of various commentators trying to explain why people don't vote for Democrats)


You say your message can't get out
But we can hear it loud and clear
You never stop to think about
The messages we want to hear
Your ideas are old, they've all been tried
But you're still living in the past
And yet you go on wondering why
You always seem to come in last

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