November 05, 2004

Open Letter to President Bush

I figured I'd expand on something I just said in a comment on Democrat for a Free America.

Mr. President,

Well, this is it. You're still in charge, and you won the majority of the popular vote. Nice job. However, keep in mind who was responsible for that 3.5 million difference: People like me. I voted for you, and you won, so I expect you to at least try and steer the country in the right direction for 4 more years.

You know that "mandate" everyone's talking about? Use it wisely. I may have voted for you, and I support your presidency, but you don't exactly have the most conservative record, and if you do something stupid, I will not hesitate to point it out. I defended you from the moonbats for 13 months. You'd better not let me down.

It's true that some of your supporters have been chugging Dubya Kool-Aid for the last few weeks, but I'm an individualist and a political free-thinker. If you step out of line, I'll rant about it just like I would if a Democrat did something that made me angry. You have been warned.



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November 04, 2004

Hooray for Democracy: Part 3

You know, it's kind of a cool thought that if I hadn't voted, the Daily Mirror would be saying "How can 59,054,086 people be so DUMB?"

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Attention, Liberals: Leave Your Fantasy World Now

I'm starting to think everyone around me is in on some big inside joke, and they're all going to jump out from behind a door one of these days and yell "surprise." I can't possibly be living in the same reality as them.

You see, the topic of discussion among students before the TRF midterm was "how to avoid being drafted." Which is kind of weird, since THERE IS NO MOTHERF**KING DRAFT. Here are some more of the paraphrased quotes you've all come to expect from SIT:

-"They can draft girls now, you know. The best thing to do is get pregnant. They won't send a pregnant woman to the front lines."
-"They can't draft you if you're allergic to bees, right?"
-"If there's a draft, Canada is my new home."
- "If we go to North Korea, there has to be a draft." (after I told him there wasn't a draft)

What world are you people living in? There. isn't. going. to. be. a. draft. I even explained that to one of 'em:

"You know the draft was proposed by Charles Rangel, a Democrat, right? And that it was just voted down a couple weeks ago? And that everyone in the administration is against the draft? And it would be political suicide to have one?"

I really don't understand it. Why are so many people worried about the draft when there isn't one and there probably won't be one? Are they really that impressionable?

When liberals say "I weep for our nation," it's because they think Bush will destroy the world. When I say "I weep for our nation," it's because so many liberals think Bush will destroy the world. Kind of an interesting parallel.

Oh, and to all the people who are talking about leaving the country to escape the evil Bushchimperialist...


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Post-Election Commentary

I still have to study, but first, it's my obligation as a blogger to parrot the observations of all other right-wing bloggers. So, let's get started.

It's hilarious watching the left react to Bush's win. Seriously. I waited months for this. It's like Christmas! Do you realize how badly they've been defeated? They had Michael Moore, most of Hollywood, CBS, ABC, CNN, NPR, the New York Times, the LA Times, the Washington Post, a large portion of the music industry, George Soros, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, and tons of others on their side...AND THEY STILL LOST!

The best part is watching them try to explain it. The most common sentiment is something along the lines of, "I can't believe a majority of Americans could be that stupid!"

Yeah, okay. Bush is the Most Divisive President Ever, but anyone who doesn't agree with you is an idiot and/or hick, redneck, etc. That's some nice projection there, guys.

I'm not exaggerating either. Even here at school, I hear people blaming Bush's victory on "hicks" or "the South." Because apparently, not being a sufistakatid New England librul automatically makes you retarded. But in any case, it's hilarious to watch.

News flash: America didn't elect Bush because they're a bunch of dumb hicks. We wouldn't be the greatest country in the world if that were true. America also didn't elect Bush because you "couldn't get your message out." You control the mainstream media. Your message gets out every single day. America didn't elect Bush because Rove somehow controlled their minds or scared them into keeping the same president. If you want scare tactics, look no further than "Bush will draft your children" and other fun slogans.

America elected Bush because they agree with him more than they agree with Kerry. Period. I don't understand why liberals can't view the opposing argument as valid. I don't think I've seen anyone on the left suggesting that Kerry lost because his views are wrong. That would be heresy! No, the real reason Kerry lost is that he says the right thing, but he says it in such a complicated way that the peons can't understand that they need to be controlled by the Liberal Elite. If only there was a way to put it in terms they could comprehend!

I've written before about the left's tendency to view their opinions as facts and opposing opinions as lies, so I'll stop there. But I want to cover one more topic before I get back to studying camera techniques and such.

Bush's win has really brought out the latent anti-Christian bigotry. All over the place, people are claiming that in 4 years, we'll have a "fascist theocracy" equivalent to the Taliban, or that Bush will appoint judges who won't let women control their bodies and won't allow non-Christians to run for office. They're also blaming the same-sex marriage vote for Bush's popular vote numbers, claiming that he won the election by getting the homophobes to the polls.

First of all, you can oppose same-sex marriage and not be "homophobic." This is yet another example of the left's inability to comprehend the opposing view. Second: Where is this "religious right" that you all feel so threatened by? Even on right-leaning blogs, I'm seeing anti-Christian sentiments as people go on about the "religious right" and their supposed control over the Bush administration. I believe Oliver Willis even played the Fred Phelps card. Because we all know that he represents the majority of Christians. Them fags has gotta burn, got-dangit.

As a Christian, I can tell you that we don't have a secret network of underground churches just waiting to take control of women's bodies and send gays to the gas chambers. Maybe I'm just not in the know, but if I'm supposed to be getting checks from Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, I haven't heard about it.

And now, some final thoughts:

LIGHTEN UP. You morons are being more melodramatic than I ever thought possible. A Kerry fan on my floor literally broke down in tears when Bush took the lead, I saw a message on somebody's door that said "I weep for our nation," people are talking about moving to Canada...CALM THE F**K DOWN.

Lastly, before you come down on Bush for being a divider and not a uniter, maybe you should try to find common ground with the stupid homophobic fascist redneck theocrats who want to legalize rape and send innocent kids to die in an illegal imperialist war on false pretenses so rich people have enough oil to destroy the environment.

That is all.

(Inspired by this, among other things)

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Feel the Love!

From DU:

A POX ON ALL YOUR FUCKING NEOCON HOUSES I will pray to the Universe every night that your children are all drafted and sent to Iraq where they get kidnapped, gangraped, tortured then finally beheaded. I truly in my heart of hopes really really really hope this wish comes true. Then I will laugh my fucking ass off at your misery. Stupid sick evil fucking narrow-minded retards.

I've been waiting months to see them totally break down like this. It's so much fun to finally watch. Too bad I don't have more time to enjoy it.

Schadenfreude: It's what's for dinner.

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November 03, 2004

Discussion Thread: The Lefty Reaction

I have to study for a massive TRF midterm, so I'm leaving this post for discussion. However, rather than Swiss Cake Rolls, I'm sticking with the whole "how Kerry fans are taking Bush's victory" theme.

What interesting comments have you heard from friends, colleagues, etc. about the election? The "It's Finally Over" post from earlier today contains some of mine, but I'm interested in hearing yours.

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It's Finally Over

Na na na na...
Na na na na...
Hey hey hey...


That's it. Bush wins.

You know what's great? I was in my political science lecture when Kerry conceded, and we found out about it when some girl got a text message and told the professor. After this, one guy in the class, who had said a few minutes earlier that he couldn't understand how anyone could vote for Bush, provided the following quote:

"The apocalypse is coming."

Yep. Such rational people. It's hard to believe they lost.

Things that came up in my CPS class (not verbatim):

-"Four more years of jobs..."
-"My friend sent me some information on becoming a Canadian citizen."
- "The Supreme Court is going to set everything back 50 years. You'll have to go to Europe for stem cells and abortions."
- "[Republicans are] complaining about extra votes in some machines? Hey, how did you [Republicans] win Florida last time?"

I mentioned that this was a computational science class, right? And this was just among students waiting for the (extremely incompetent) TA to show up with the exams.

I love the sound of moonbattery in the afternoon. Sounds like...victory.

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Go, Ohio!

This is so friggin' intense. I still haven't started studying. Me and NS have just been sitting at our computers for the last couple hours clicking "Refresh" on this page. I don't even care about my CPS grade at this point; I just want to see Bush win this thing once and for all.

One state. One. State.

Of course, my home state of Pennsylvania went for Kerry. As did my current state of residence, New York. Dang it.

Come on, Ohio. Give this election to Bush. Do it for The Children™.

UPDATE (2:12 AM)
It's over. Bush wins. Can we all get back to our lives now? I'm already going to fail a test thanks to this election.

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November 02, 2004

It's Time...

(This post will remain at the top of the blog through Tuesday night. Scroll down for newer posts.)


If you haven't already voted, do it now. Or as soon as possible. I voted. I even put a graphic under my blog banner to prove it. It'll only take a few minutes. Go. Right now. I'll still be here when you get back.

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I Can't Take This

Hurry up and count the votes, dang it! I have a computational science exam tomorrow, and I can't study until I at least know who's most likely to win! Do you want me to go in there not knowing about arrays and debugging, or are you going to friggin' tell me who's winning?

...Sorry. This election day stuff is intense. I have no idea why my CPS instructor decided to schedule an exam for November 3, but I do know it's not making things any easier.

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Hooray for Freedom of Speech

I'm proudly displaying my political affiliation today. Click the extended entry to see how.


I've been wearing this all day. I just got back from my TRF 255 class, where I was expecting a negative reaction (as I've mentioned before, my professor is a kool-aid liberal), but nobody said anything. I'm actually kinda disappointed; I've had the dang sticker on since 8 AM, and nobody has given me so much as a dirty look. I guess that's a good thing.

Speaking of TRF, the documentary premiere went fairly well. There was a disagreement between the professor and myself involving the pros and cons of cross dissolves, but in the end, it's my choice, and I still think it's the best video I've ever made. If there's a way to upload it to the blog, I'll let you all see it. Gary signed a release form that said we could use his image any way we need to. Heh heh.

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October 26, 2004

Hooray for Democracy: Part 2

George W. Bush now has one more vote in Pennsylvania. Assuming my absentee ballot gets counted.

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October 13, 2004

CD's Magical VRWC Time Machine

I bet that I can predict the first 5 words of John F**kup Kerry's response to every question in tonight's debate. Ready?

"I have a plan, but..."

Seriously, just watch. He'll start every answer like this. It's either that or "When I was in Vietnam..." But he seems to have gotten that under control.

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October 09, 2004

More Debate Commentary

I have almost 4 hours before I have to be back at the Dome, so I'll offer some more thoughts on last night's debate.

First of all, like I said before, I think Bush won. He was animated, he was in control, and he actually said some of the things we've all been waiting months to hear him say. Also, Kerry looked a lot more withdrawn, and he was the one smirking and scowling this time. The botox must have worn off.

Kerry revealed a lot more about the way he looks at the world last night. The main thing I noticed is that he appealed to authority way too often. "Here's a Republican who agrees with me...I know Chris Reeve...These generals support me..." etc. This tells you a lot about how Kerry thinks: It's not as important to be right as it is to be popular.

You could tell that he was using that approach. Instead of explaining why his policies would be the right thing to do, he kept rattling off names of people who agree with him. Well, you know what? NOBODY CARES! I don't want to hear about who supports you; I want to hear why you think you would be a better president. Principle is more important than popularity, as Bush explained. Once again, Kerry has proven that he relies on the opinions of others rather than his own convictions.

Also, as I'm sure you know by now, Kerry had a "plan" for every issue, but he never explained those plans. I even went to his website and looked at the so-called plan for the War on Terror. It's the same thing: Lots of ideas, but no explanation of how he's going to pull it off. He wants to get more allies on our side, end our dependence on foreign oil, strengthen our military, and use all the force we have at our disposal. But he NEVER EXPLAINS WHAT HE'S GOING TO DO. That's not a plan; It's just mindless pandering.

Kerry was also off topic quite a lot. I really think the moderator should've cut him off. He kept answering the previous question, despite the fact that it was specifically against the rules to do that. I understand how frustrating it is when you can't get the last word, but the rules are there for a reason. If he can't follow them, he shouldn't have agreed to them.

Now, as for Bush, he was a lot more impressive. He dominated the foreign policy portion of the debate. I know some people think that he seemed too angry during the first few minutes, but that's a good thing! Kerry kept talking about his "plan" while insulting our allies and calling the war a failure, so I'd expect Bush to have an emotional reaction. If he just robotically recited talking points like Kerry, I'd start to question his sincerity.

After the first hour, I think both candidates just wanted to leave. They were repeating themselves more, and they seemed to suddenly lose their ability to speak. 90 minute debates really don't work. A lot of people say that Bush was better on domestic policy, but I think he started falling apart near the end. He could've ended a lot stronger than he did. People are more likely to remember the second half, so it's important to stay on top of things the whole time. Neither candidate managed to do so, which works in Bush's favor in the long run.

That's about it for me. Plenty of other sites have more detailed posts about this.

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Really Short Debate Commentary

I may actually have time to expand on my debate thoughts later, since Syracuse vs. Florida State isn't happening until 7 PM, but right now, I should get some sleep, so I'll offer a quick observation:

Debate 1: Bush gets criticized for saying "hard work" too much.

Debate 2: Kerry says he has a "plan" for everything.

Can we get through the third debate without one candidate doing this? It really gets irritating after a while.

Oh, and if you haven't figured it out by now, I'm calling the debate a victory for Bush. Even the MSM can't spin this one for Senator F**k Up.

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October 06, 2004

Someone's Been Paying Attention

Dang it, Dubya, why couldn't you be more like this when you had the chance to address Senator F**k Up directly?

"My opponent is a tax-and-spend liberal. I'm a compassionate conservative," Bush said. "My opponent wants to empower government. I want to use government to empower people."

"The senator is proposing higher taxes on more than 900,000 small business owners," Bush continued. "My opponent is one of the few candidates in history to campaign on a pledge to raise taxes. And that's the kind of promise a politician from Massachusetts usually keeps."

PLEASE tell me he's going to bring this up in the next debate.

The president said, "My opponent's endless back-and-forth on Iraq is part of a larger misunderstanding. In the War on Terror, Senator Kerry is proposing policies and doctrines that would weaken America and make the world more dangerous."

Regarding the battle against terrorists, Bush said, "Senator Kerry approaches the war with a September the 10th mindset ... that any attack will be met with a swift and certain response. That was the mindset of the 1990s, while Al Qaeda was planning the attacks on America. After September the 11th, our object in the War on Terror is not to wait for the next attack and respond but to prevent attacks by taking the fight to the enemy."


Oh, well, at least he's saying it now.

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October 05, 2004

Cheney Rocks

I'm not "live" blogging the VP debate, but I'm watching it right now, and I'll tell you that my respect for Dick Cheney just went up by about 500%. He is destroying Edwards. It looks like Waffles Jr. is going to cry any second. Me and NS have both said "oh snap" more than once. Which should give you some idea of how lame we are, but that's beside the point.

Try not to drop your @ss after Cheney hands it to you, Edwards.

Wow. WOW. I almost feel sorry for Edwards. Cheney shot down every one of his talking points. Sometimes before he even had a chance to spout them.

Why can't Bush be that good at debates? The election would be over by now if he could do that.

Heh. Go here and scroll down. Ichiban=NS (and NS=my roommate, if you somehow forgot). Good stuff.

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John Edwards Tries to Act Vice Presidential

Have I mentioned that Kerry and Edwards are both freaking idiots?

SEN. JOHN EDWARDS (D-NC) (clip of a speech): "I'd say if you live in the United States of America and you vote for George Bush, you've lost your mind."

I'm eagerly awaiting the media's condemnation of these hateful scare tactics, as well as complaints from groups representing the mentally ill.

...Hey, why do I hear crickets?

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September 28, 2004

Dorm Room Politics

Just because I'm avoiding studying for as long as possible, I thought I'd provide some highlights from a conversation I just had with my roommate. This may be one of those "you had to be there" things,'s my blog, and I was there, so that gives me the authority to write about it.

NS= Roommate
CD= CD (obviously)
Quotation marks= One of us doing an impression of a politician
Horizontal line= New segment
As always, this is not verbatim, but the important parts are at least close

CD: The debates are gonna be great, because Bush and Kerry are both such horrible public speakers. It'll be like a car accident; You want to look away, but you can't. I mean, Bush will be answering questions nobody asked, and Kerry will be debating his own answers to the questions from 20 minutes ago.

"Senator Kerry, you said earlier that you still would've gone to war with Iraq even if you knew that Saddam didn't have WMD. Could you explain that?"

"What? I never said that! Are you working for Karl Rove?"

NS: "Well, when I was in Vietnam..."

NS: I'm looking forward to the vice presidential debates. Edwards is a good public speaker...

CD: But he doesn't say anything.

NS: He'll be like, "You need to vote for me," and Cheney will just be like, "Yeah...shut the f**k up."

CD: Cheney's going to massacre Edwards. He'll probably end up saying, "I have better hair, so I think I should be the winner of this debate."

CD: Do you realize that the entire outcome of the debate could be determined by when the questions are asked? If one of them is a second too late, Kerry will have a completely different position. It's one of those chaos theory things. If a butterfly flaps its wings in Beijing, Kerry will be against the war.

NS: Kerry probably flips a coin in the morning to decide what he believes. "Okay, heads is for the war, tails is against...IT'S TAILS! AGAINST!"

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